Why should I invest in Prints and Products?

As I started out serving my clients better by offering a wide variety of Prints and Products, I noticed a few people who were taken back by my prices. I get it! But I want to explain :) 

We all value different things. Personally, I do not spend money on expensive shoes, or clothing. However, some people will spend $400-$700 on clothing and shoes in one trip to the mall because it's something they love. My artwork is no different! Some people see it as a lot of money, but I ask you this - How much did that computer cost you? how much did that 1080P TV cost you? How much did your furniture cost or that dress you bought for a wedding? 

 See, all of these things will eventually stop working, or will cease to fit years down the road. However, when the artwork is of you and your family, you will ALWAYS want it around, especially when your children grow and get older, they will want these images in their homes. The Albums, Canvases and Prints I provide never fade, warp, or get damaged when displayed in your home properly. Prints and Products from me are irreplaceable! They are created in the top professional US labs that only photographers have access to so that they last more than a lifetime! The best part about the prints and products I offer is that they feature the most important people in your life - YOUR FAMILY! 

Now I know what you may be thinking - "Sam! I can get a similar photo album or canvas for a lot less from another discount consumer online printing company." While this may be true that you can get a "similar" item, there is one incredible difference- It will not be the same quality. The labs I use are designed specifically to handle all of the colors that I use in my sessions, every image prints exactly like the image you will see at your Portrait Reveal - perfect brilliant color, crisp lines, and stunning brightness.

Do you want to know the best benefit of all for ordering through me?  I take care of all of the ordering, resizing and cropping for you! This ensures beautiful prints, sizes and designs every time. How many times have you been to a local cheap printing place but the images have come back green, or darker than how it looked on the screen? or you have ordering something online and what you thought was a good layout, ended up cropping some people out of the photo? Or maybe the print turned out decent but over the next few months you noticed that because it was in the sun, it's started to fade? Families who order from me don't have to worry about any of this as all of my prints and products are coated with a UV protector and they are gaurenteed to be exactly what you want or you get your money back. 

If after reading all of this, you still don't want to invest in prints from me, you are not crazy! Because again, we all value different things (and this is why I also sell digital images), however, I do want everyone reading to be reminded that investing more in our memories and our families is a decision you will NEVER regret <3