You’ve survived one whole year parents!! Now’s the time to celebrate your little one and all they’ve accomplished this big first year of their and your lives! Capture your child’s One year Cake Smash, beautifully. Each Cake Smash session is styled with a color or Theme of your choosing! I even supply outfits for your little ones!

Cake Smash Session - $200

What’s Included?!

a 1 hour styled Cake Smash Session in my Home Studio located in Abingdon, MD right by Wegmans or outside if weather is warm!

a few 1 year portraits before the smash in up to 2 outfits (can be from our Client Closet) Family photos are included!

We provide all of the decorations, balloons, and yes, even the cake that matches the theme of your choosing!!

We also have a 1 year client closet your little one is welcomed to wear anything so you can save some money on not having to purchase anything new!

A SPLASH after the Cake smash is also included where we fill up a bowl of warm water and your little one gets to splash and play while they are getting all cleaned up!

All Digital Images and Prints, Albums and Canvases are purchased separately- see pricing and info directly below!

How Much Are Digital Images?

10 Retouched Digital Images available via download - $350 + tax

25 Retouched Digital Images available via download and Custom USB - $500+ tax

When Do The Photos Take Place?

Cake Smash Session photos can either be done as close to the child’s birthday as possible (scheduling availability permitted) or 3 weeks before their birthday party so parents can have the images back in time to display or share on Social Media!

When Should I Book?

About 1.5-2 months out is the best time to schedule your child’s cake smash session! This gives me time to communicate with you, your vision, and the ability to purchase any props I would need to bring your idea to life! Once you are officially booked (contract signed and $200 session fee paid) you would just bring your little one over on photo day and we let the fun and smashing begin!

What If My Child Hates To Smash The Cake?

Since doing this for almost 4 years now I have become very aware that actually a lot of children do not like to smash the cake! Even ones that parent’s swear they would! This is TOTALLY normal! Honestly, arriving to a strange place and having a huge cake all to yourself with the different textures, not in your high chair where you typically destroy food could be alarming to even us, if this is what we were use to!

What I like to do is take cues from the baby! If they seem interested in eating the cake but don’t want their hands to touch, I have a big wooden spoon that I hand off to them to just dig in! Sometimes they even like to beat up on the cake like a drum and it’s so adorable! Another trick I like to do is have parents bring Puffs or another small snack their child likes, so that we can hide it in the back of the cake, this way when they reach for it, and put it in their mouth, it looks like they are enjoying the cake, but in a way they comfortable with! I get out my iPhone to play youtube kid songs, and encourage parents to bring a couple of their baby’s favorite toys so they feel more comfortable! Trust me, whether they are staring at their cake, or actually dive in (some really do dive in face first! lol) it will be so adorable no matter what because it is your kid!

How Do We View The Photos?

About 2.5 weeks after your Cake Smash Session, you will be invited back to my home studio for your Portrait Reveal and Ordering Session so you can view the absolute best 25 images from your session! You will then be able to purchase one of the digital packages above! I also have Print Collections and a mix of Digital and Print Collections that you can also choose from!

Do You Photograph One Year Portraits Without a Cake?

I certainly do! We can still include balloons and the cake smash setup if you’d like, or we can do something entirely neutral, a paint session, yogurt session, spaghetti session (really any food lol) or holiday themed session depending on the time of year! The session fee would decrease by $25 as this is the cost of the cake :)

Prints start at $50, Canvases start at $300 and Albums start at $600. To see my complete Pricing Guide, and/or to book your session, please use the Contact form!